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Basic knowledge of the Velcro
Nov 01, 2017

Basic knowledge of the Velcro

Velcro/fastening belt is to be open and close, fixed, frequent disassembling an ideal material of all kinds of products, can replace the buttons, zippers, nails, clips, hooks, pins, buckle, buckle and so on function, without a break, fall off, rust, broken teeth, biting cloth, beautiful damage such as faults, has extensive USES.

Product features:

Using 100% nylon, length of any shape can be cut, and suture, paste or fusion in most of the material.

, heat resistant, cold resistant, resistant to chemicals, can wash, dry cleaning, steam sterilization, acid alkali, electrical insulation.

Hook, face and hair side can withhold the fastening very firmly, gently peel easily again.Simple operation can be repeated use.

Fastening position can be changed, easy to adjust the length.

, independent of the test report shows a repeatable and use up to 10000 times



In September 1948, a man named George DE mei Stella (George DE Mestral) Swiss engineer, used to take a walk in the forest near the house hunting, back home each time, always covered in warehouse on the ear, clothing such as burdock fruit with hooked prickles gooseberry, not beautiful, http://www.bhmst.com also often hurt him, so every time he spends a lot of time to clear them, this might damage the clothes again, returning often destroys the good mood.Once, he suddenly thought of, these bur why have so big of adhesion?He curiously microscope to observe the bur study, he found that the top of the original bur every thorn is bent into a "hook", which, hook on the attached to the clothing fibers and fabrics.Bur this special ability to DE mei Stella, a lot of inspiration.He think: I'm not available the same principle to produce a kind of like a zipper to close or open the device?Then, DE mei Stella, fully use his mastery of the knowledge of professional and technical, developed made of two pieces of nylon velvet buckles, each made and gooseberry SiDou http://www.bhmst.com thorn similar shapes.Two piece in cashmere, and gently press can be connected together, lateral with great force and not to be separated, but the longitudinal tear much effort to it.He named his invention "Velcro".Also is we Chinese call "Velcro" or "fastening belt".Later, DE mei Stella, and other engineering and technical personnel and improve the development of Velcro/fastening belt this invention has become increasingly mature, and as it comes to the widely application, as soon as it like a zipper, popular in the world, popular in many fields such as garments, light industry, military industry.Fast market development, the growing fast immeasurably.

The first patent in 1951 and registered in Switzerland.After eight years of research, to realize the mass production of fastening belt.Today, fastening belt has become one of the most important 50 inventions of the 20th century.




Physical properties: test material: 100% nylon fastening belt

Heat resistance

Hook 220-230 ℃, melting point 180-190 ℃, melting point MAO within 40 ℃ from 95 ℃ to - would