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Comparison of traditional new injection hooks
Sep 08, 2017

Comparison of pros and cons

1. Ultra Light, ultra-thin, super strong transverse tension, (average of 1000g/cm above).

2. Hook hair occlusion Gap only 1mm, (traditional hook hair in 2-3mm around).

3. The new type of ejection hook is not easy to hook the yarn, hook-type meticulous, in the garment sewing the appearance of good texture.

4. Can be paired with the reverse printing, enhance the brand image, and then achieve the overall product bonus effect.

5. In addition to the traditional sewing fixed, can be matched with open mold high-frequency pressure, improve product sophistication.

Both images

A new type of hook-and-stick with traditional clasp and hook

1. The use of nylon single yarn weaving. 1. The use of continuous injection molding, quality stability, precision-induced.

2. Hook hair occlusion thickness of 3.3mm, less dense. 2. The hook type is meticulous, the transverse tensile strength is strong, the occlusal is dense.

3. Processing edge easy to remove yarn, cloth edge is not neat. 3. Car-free sewing, high-frequency compression, can create different shapes.

4. Suitable for application industry Category: automobile, clothing, backpack, shoes clothing industry, medical equipment.