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Definition of hook and loop tape
Sep 08, 2017

Velcro, also known as "Magic Sticky", "Devil's Dip", "devil felt", "Velcro", is a fiber fastening, the invention of the company for "Velcro" (Velcro). The velcro is usually made of two fabrics, one with a circular structure and a hook-like structure on the other surface.

When the two fabrics are pressed tightly, the hook and the ring are combined to form a temporary fastening state. If you want to separate, just force it apart. In fact the first Velcro was pure cotton, but it was later found to be impractical and replaced with nylon. Victoria can be registered in 1948, the patent expired in 1978, but the Victoria has become a well-known registered trademarks, so the Victoria can also be used in the western context as the name of Velcro.