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Hook and loop tape name source
Sep 08, 2017

The name of the magic sticker is from the United States Rockwell Products English name "VELCRO" conversion from the early 80 "VELCRO" products into China, because there is no Chinese name, the exchange is quite inconvenient, and because the "VELCRO" main characteristics, Is by a hook-like fabric with a side of the fluff-like fabric, together with the production of natural adhesion, hand-pull and will naturally separate, a bit like the magic of the feeling, from this name magic paste.

The industry term is called button. It is a kind of connection accessories commonly used in luggage and clothing. It is divided into two sides: one is the soft fiber, the other side is the elastic fiber with barbed hook. Male-female phase buckle, in the case of a certain transverse force, elastic hook is straightened, loose from the velvet and open, and then restore the original hook type, so repeatedly open and close up to 10,000 times.

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