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Hook and loop tape products
Sep 08, 2017

Magic stickers with the development of science and technology, the application of magic paste is also increasing, its variety is also evolving, from the original clothing handbag factory nylon velcro, evolution to plastic hardware household products factory back adhesive velcro, electronic factory electrical factory with velcro tape, plant with a fixed bandage and so on.

Magic Tape Harness

It can be conveniently used to organize and comb the various wires and data lines in the home.

Velcro tape

Magic Tape, also known as magic tape harness, sticky belt tie belt, it with the common tie with different places, ordinary tie belt, design has a stop function, only the tighter. and magic Tape can be repeated open and close up to 10,000, the adhesive tape is widely used in various types of goods often open or close the position, but the traditional sticky belt can only be used to fix the car sewn on products or objects.

Back-to-back Magic stickers

The magic surface and the hook surface (b), the composite, so that flies not on the same side. For wire and cable, fiber optic cable, toys, electronic appliances. can also be designed according to the requirements of the guests. or supply of raw materials, cutting their own. can also print company logo, web site and advertising promotional information.

Hair Roll Magic Sticker

With the kind of magic stick. It doesn't have to be fixed on the shelves.

Zhongmao All-in-one Magic Sticker

Velcro Hook hair fit together. One side of the hair hook, generally used to make a tie band, good viscous

Catch Hair Magic Sticker

Widely used for clothing, handbags, shoes, sporting goods, medical supplies, wigs and so on. Strong adhesion and durability.