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Woven method of hook and loop tape
Sep 08, 2017

Adhesive tape (velcro) woven by weaving the raw materials into silk first, and then fixed the wire on the embryo belt. Spinning process is generally: polymer-spinning-oiling-pre-grid-winding-poy wire. The equipment used for wire fixation on the embryo belt is a high-speed shuttle-free webbing machine [2], which has long relied on imports. The use of woven method can be used to process a lot of special-purpose adhesive tape, such as Anti-ultraviolet, high-temperature, flame retardant and other sticky belt. The production flow of woven adhesive tape is:

(1) The raw material nylon filament is formed into the shape of embryo band by weaving mechanism, (2) The embryo band of semi-finished products is dyed into various colors with high-temperature dyeing equipment;

(3) The production of sticky belt surface of the method is to dye the color first, and then by the machine equipment will be the color of the embryo with suede surface brush up the hair after the sizing molding;

(4) Hook surface, will be dyed the embryo with hook surface sizing, and then the embryo belt surface of nylon monofilament by the import cutter to give evenly appropriate cut, monofilament will form with a hook viscous embryo belt;

(5) the Adhesive belt embryo belt by the import section equipment to give the stripe, forms the necessary various specifications (width), then cut to reach the required length;

(6) The finished product sticky belt hook surface and the wool surface again after the ultrasonic fusion, according to the customer request model to give the punching type.