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Classification Of Hook And Loop Tape
Sep 08, 2017

With the passage of time, the development of science and technology, our life is also constantly changing. It's like the Velcro tape is the same. All bring surprises and contributions to people's lives, making our lives change differently. What about the classification of velcro tapes?

First of all, to say is back to back Velcro, this is a kind of hair surface and hook surface of a composite, so that the hair hook is not the same interface. At the same time, we can also know that, back to back magic paste is completely in accordance with the requirements of customers to design styles, but also to cut their own.

Second, is the hair volume magic paste, this kind of Velcro is mainly used in our hair, the general is made of butterfly-style, mainly in order to fix the hair in a certain position. In our life, we can often see this kind of magic stickers.

Finally, we need to know is a kind of called the Mushroom Head Magic Stick, this kind of magic paste is more lovely, because the name is more lovely, so also by people's favorite. The whole of this magic paste is more tenacious, coupled with the unique design of mushroom, making it a strong pull. The scope of its use is self-evident. In many places, we can see its application.