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The Invention Process Of Hook And Loop Tape
Sep 08, 2017

The velcro was invented by a Swiss engineer, George de-Mastaller (1907--1990). When he came back from a hunt, he found the needle-tailed grass sticking to his clothes. He observed with the microscope that the fruit of the needle-tailed grass had a hook-like structure that could be glued to the fabric. So he thought of fixing the face with hooks.

In fact, the bird's feathers have already existed in this structure, the bird's positive plume by the feather axis and feather film. The plume is composed of many slender plumes. Branches on both sides of the feather are densely lined with small branches. The side of the small branch of the feather is hooked (hook), and the other side of the Knot (loop), so that the adjacent branches of the feather hook up to each other, forming a solid and elastic plume, to fanned the air and protect the body. A small branch of a feather separated by an external force, which can be plucked by a beak and then hooked. Birds often peck at the fat glands secreted by the tail fat, in the peck comb to smear the plume, so that the structure and function intact.

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