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What Are The Characteristics Of Hook And Loop Tape
Sep 08, 2017

Velcro tape in our life of the use or more, no matter when, we can see the Velcro tape of the appearance, because no matter when, Velcro tape will make our lives become even more beautiful.-------- At the same time, because of the Velcro tape of the existence, make our life become colorful. So what are the characteristics of Velcro tape in use?

First of all, Velcro tape has a strong adhesion and adhesive properties. That is, no matter at what time, our Velcro tape can be used in plastic or glass is a kind of smooth objects above, the use is relatively convenient and fast.

Secondly, we can know that, although the Velcro tape production is relatively simple, but in the production of the use of nylon cloth, that is, the back of the sticky belt will be coated with a layer of glue, which is very important for our life. There is the use of Velcro tape, we can see the exquisite Velcro tape has been completely affixed to the object above.

These features make our application of Velcro tape in our life more simple, while the use of the scope is more extensive.