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What Is The Scope Of The Magic Sticker Applicable To
Sep 08, 2017

Pattern stickers can be applied in the following areas:

Magic stickers are widely used in clothing factory, shoes and hats factory, luggage factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, glove factory, sports equipment factory, medical equipment factory, electronic plastic factory and all kinds of military products and other industries supporting, magic stickers sold all over the world.

Back Glue Magic Sticker Classification

1. Back plastic magic paste has a common hot melt glue, its melting point, suitable for low-temperature environment and winter use, its adhesion to the general, the holding force is also more general

2. Another is heat-resistant hot melts, melting point is higher, suitable for summer and some high-temperature mechanical use, magic stick adhesion is stronger, adhesion of the holding force is relatively strong

3. There is also a 3M back plastic products, that is, the use of 3M plastic cut into the corresponding specifications adhesive Velcro products back, belonging to the relatively special high-end processing products! The need for "hand-brain and repair" back plastic magic paste machine can be processed ordinary gum processing, can also be processed back-to-back laminating processing.

Ordinary gum processing can be a cluster. 5-200mm wide between the specifications of processing gum, ordinary gum processing can be processed the following materials; ordinary magic stickers, plastic back gum, flannel back gum, etc.

Back to back processing materials can be: ordinary hook-and-paste flannel processing, plastic hook-and-paste flannel processing, ordinary hook-and-paste ordinary hair processing. Back plastic magic stickers are commonly used in the form of paper white, less used is the yellow paper and transparent color paper, white paper and so on. Sliced square Back Gum magic Sticker

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