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What Is Velcro Tape
Sep 08, 2017

Velcro Strap It's another name is the Magic patch band, but even if it has such a name I think most people are very unfamiliar with such an item, and as to what is the object in the end? In fact, we are often seen in life.

To know what this item is, we also need to do a specific analysis, in fact, it is a common tie band, and it is with the traditional ties can be said to be 9 has a very big difference, from the difference we can roughly know what it is a kind of goods.

For the traditional tie bring said, when used, it is designed with a stop function, so it's only possible to tighten up, and for the magic stick to bring to say, it is not so, the whole thing it is divided into two parts, one side is a small soft fiber, and the other side is a harder little claw.

I want to talk about it. A lot of people have been able to understand what it is a kind of goods, in fact, his use is very extensive, large to a package of goods, small to our life can see the trivial items.

And its simple design makes our use is very simple and convenient, and because of its own advantages, it can also have a relatively long use time, so in the need to use the place, it can be said that it has played a significant role.